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RETTIG CORP Patrick Rettig, CEO - Business Turnaround Expert

Get the compelling interview that will start saving Southern California’s small business. Let’s start the conversation now that will bring back growth and profitability to local businesses and start getting people hired.

Meet Patrick Rettig, LA based business turnaround specialist and tireless champion to the small business entrepreneur. Everyday, he brings life to the small business owners that have been riddled in fear for far too long. His manner and technique is unorthodox, unruly and irreverent. He adheres to the letter of the law, is excruciatingly honest and will not yield to chaos. He is a tireless defender of any corporation he works with. In saving hundreds of companies over the years, Rettig has saved thousands of jobs.

With a twenty-five year history in changing the very thinking that leads to insolvency and changing entrepreneurial behavior to build profitability, Rettig has seen it all. He knows how much trouble entrepreneurs get in to when they are uninformed. Within his mission to save the world one CEO at a time, he wants to start the conversation with entrepreneurs about what has to happen to be profitable now, by answering the questions most important to your viewers, listeners, attendees and readers about their respective businesses.

According to Russell Frandsen of The Business Legal Group: “I have worked with Pat Rettig for a number of years. He has keen insight into business owners’ thinking and the priorities they need in life. He has incisive judgment about the steps a business owner should follow to turn the business around. He has a great ‘sense’ of what is possible and practical. I love his reply to a Bankruptcy Court Judge in a recent case. The Judge was considering a motion to appoint Pat as the business owner’s financial advisor. The Judge asked: what do you do? Pat replied: I’m a financial janitor. I clean up other people’s financial messes. Needless to say, the Judge appointed Pat.”

As Jim Cline, VP of California Bank and Trust says: “He’s a fierce protector of the interests of business owners and their family, and those who follow his advice, profit long term.”

Rettig, based in Los Angeles, serves America’s Western Region. His philosophies serve to bring back accountability and value to owning and running a small business. He is forthright and strategic in all aspects of business and brings that training to those he consults. He’s a true renaissance man in support of the American Dream.

Representative list of topics Rettig can speak on:

• What Makes a Company Insolvent?
• Where Does a Struggling Entrepreneur Start Cutting Expenses?
• Get Rid of the Bad Habits that Diminish Profitability
• Common Mistakes that Bury Small Business
• How to Combat the Fear of Your Struggle
• Steps You Must Take if You Fear Your Company is in Jeopardy
• What Makes Leaders Fail?
• How To Stay on the Top of Your Game
• How to Solve the Problem that Created Your Cash Flow Crunch?
• Learn How to Address the Problem the Way it IS, not how you want it to be.
• Is Your Company a Candidate for Reorganization?
• When and when NOT to Expand
• Practicing the Habits of a Leader
• Learn How to Measure Critical Profit
• Should I Fear Chapter 11 Reorganization and what is it Really Good For?

Patrick Rettig is available for all types of interviews. He will also participate in or speak at business-associated workshops and conferences at no charge.

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