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Insolvency Expert

As a top turnaround specialist I’ve helped many people and companies who were virtually dead in the water overcome insolvency. Money, bills and tax agencies are of course a challenge, however the real deal is in the person. Actually, these collection problems are easier than the the damage that happens in each of us when our companies go negative and there seems to be no good end in sight.

If you’re looking for a bank, I’m not a bank. I’m a librarian of information and knowledge that will help you learn to navigate out of Insolvent Waters. Many people have benefited from the wisdom of “common sense” and then there are many who failed because they just didn’t have the dedication of faith in this library. I urge you to realize that your place in time is temporary, however it is a crossroads and history is not kind to those who quit. Rather, let’s train, work towards a better outcome and pool our collective knowledge into a “win-win” situation.

InsolvencyInsolvency is the bastard child of all that is sinister and tragic, but you can use this situation to teach yourself, sharpen your skills and come out better than ever before. Don’t let the dark side knock you out of the race. Don’t be a lone wolf. Get with a pack of winners and find your way back onto the “Yellow Brick Road.” The Proverbial Oz is only the first stop in a magnificent world of running your own business, but you must adhere to the rules or as you already know, “the Black Forest will consume you” and your business, life and family will suffer. Let’s meet the challenge head on, together — and overcome all that stands against the grooviness of surviving another battle, breathing in a better life and making money for all the things our children gotta buy.

Call me, stop goofing around with the “origin of failure” a place where the Black Forest meets the Yellow Brick Road — its a very bad neighborhood. Don’t go it alone. Thanks for reading, now do something cool. Pick up the phone and dial Rettig 760.662.9668.

“I am Patrick Rettig, America’s top turnaround expert for over 25 years. I have played a crucial role in saving over 800 companies and preserving thousands of jobs. My passion lies in supporting American entrepreneurs, especially those leading businesses with revenues up to $20 million, which I believe are the backbone of this nation. My approach begins at the top: I engage directly with the CEO, knowing that realigning the leader’s vision is key to the entire company’s turnaround.”

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