“This is an unusual way of making a point. All of us suffer from the hideous feelings of self, what we are, what we are not, what we want to be and so forth. I call the lesson, “I’m a Gazelle.” You see suddenly it’s like a person says “I’m a Gazelle!” and try that for awhile, hopping around like what? Then we change, “no, no not a Gazelle, I’m a Lion!” And set about the day doing what, roaring at clients? And then, an elephant, a wolf, a millionaire, a playboy, a brilliant something, an athlete, a whatever and a “who knows what”, until finally we realize “I am me.” Crazy isn’t it. “Me” is okay, just the way I am. It’s a hard lesson, it takes time, but it is a worthy cause. You don’t have to be anybody else, you are you and you are groovy. “

One day it’s “I’m a Gazelle”, the next day “I’m a Lion…”

Understanding the ripple effect of your efforts and the lives you impact.

In the world of business, we often grapple with our identities, caught in a tumultuous journey of self-reflection and comparison. I’ve coined a lesson from this universal struggle: “Embracing Your Inner Gazelle.” It begins when we metaphorically adopt different personas in our quest for self-actualization. One day, we’re a gazelle, leaping through challenges with grace and agility. But soon, we shift, believing we must embody the ferocity of a lion, roaring for dominance and authority.

This shape-shifting continues as we don the masks of elephants, wolves, or envision ourselves as magnates, innovators, or any persona that seems to hold the key to esteem and success. We’re constantly chasing an elusive ‘ideal,’ losing ourselves in a parade of archetypes.

Here’s the revelation: amidst this exhausting masquerade, we come to understand that authenticity outshines pretense. The epiphany strikes – “I am enough.” It sounds simple, yet it’s one of the most challenging truths to embrace. And paychecks feed families.

Recognizing our unique journey and individuality is liberating.

We learn that we don’t need to roar to command respect, nor leap through hoops to prove our worth. We cease to be characters in our narrative, finally claiming the role of the protagonist. We are not those idealized figures; we are uniquely ourselves, intricate and irreplaceable.

This realization doesn’t emerge overnight. It’s a gradual acceptance, a series of small acknowledgments that culminate in self-acceptance. It’s about understanding that you don’t need to don anyone else’s mantle because you are inherently valuable. Embracing ‘you’ is not just an act of self-love but a strategic advantage in a world that prizes authenticity.

Here’s the cornerstone of this journey in business and life: recognizing that ‘you,’ in your most authentic form, are the lifeblood of your business. You are the catalyst for existence, the reason your employees have a livelihood that sustains their families. Your vision, your grit, and your passion are the foundations upon which your enterprise stands. Acknowledging your worth extends beyond self-affirmation; it’s about understanding the ripple effect of your efforts and the lives you impact.

Stabilizing and nurturing your business isn’t just our goal; it’s a homage to your journey, your struggles, and the incredible path you’ve tread as an entrepreneur. You’re not just building a business; you’re crafting legacies, nurturing dreams, and fostering communities. So, here’s to celebrating the unadulterated, unapologetic ‘you’ – trust me, you’re remarkable just as you are, and the world of business is brighter for it.


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