My name is Patrick. I am president of the Rettig Corporation. And I specialize in reorganization. What I really specialize in is catastrophic failure or fear. Fear. When a company goes bad, when cash flow is nonexistent, when you can’t deliver on time, when your creditors are after you each and every day, when your family is scared, when your employees are scared, when you are scared, you need an ally. You need someone who understands the situation that you’re in. Someone qualified who can do something about it. That doesn’t mean that I can save the day. It means that you and I, we have to work together. You and I have to come up with the solutions and get you through this difficult time. Can it happen? It happens every day. I’ve been doing this for twenty-five years. I like my job and I’m willing to help you if you’re willing to have the strength to get up and help yourself.