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Integrity in Action: Navigating Business and Life with Honor

Tips from a turnaround man I’ve been doing this job for quite awhile now, and I’ve learned a few things about faith.

1) It’s real
2) It works for both sides good and bad
3) It only yields when you work for the good side

In short, problems arise because we often think it’s okay to bend the rules. But remember, rules exist for a reason, and adhering to them means you won’t have to constantly watch your back. The real challenge is realizing that living with integrity is its own reward. We’ve all heard excuses like ‘everyone does it’ or ‘it’s just business’ to justify dishonest actions. But as my high school football coach used to say bluntly, ‘That’s nonsense.’ If you lie, you’re a liar; if you cheat, you’re a cheater; if you steal, you’re a thief. It takes real courage to admit mistakes and strive to correct them, aiming to be someone your children can look up to.

When facing daunting challenges, trust in doing what’s right. If you’re unsure what that is, seek advice. I can connect you with people who embody resilience, shun entitlement, and uphold values like family, honesty, and democracy. Remember, we’re stronger together. If you find yourself in deep trouble, it might be time to reflect on your actions. Start your day with a heartfelt apology to your partner, reintroducing yourself as the person they married, not the one you’ve become.

Get business back on track, call somebody who’s been around that track quite a few times.

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