I’ve been doing this job for quite awhile now, and I’ve learned a few things about faith.

1) It’s real
2) It works for both sides good and bad
3) It only yields when you work for the good side

So, bottom line — people get in trouble because all of us bend the rules. That’s a bad idea. Rules are rules and if you live by them you don’t have to look back over your shoulder. The toughest challenge of all is learning that you will be okay if you live honorably. We all say, “hey, everybody does it, lie/cheat/steal — its just business, it’s the only way to get by.., the government’s against me, so I gotta be less than honest..” In the words of my favorite football coach in high school…, “bullshit”, if you lie, you’re a liar, if you cheat, you’re a cheater, and if you steal, you’re a thief — it takes a very brave heart to stand up and say, “I did it wrong, I gotta fix it, I want it right, I want my kids to be proud of me.”

When you are faced with an awesome, overwhelming challenge, have faith in “goodness”, and do the honorable thing. If you don’t know the honorable thing, ask, I’ll introduce you to people that don’t quit, terminate entitlement from their life, and believe in Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Apple Pie, In God We Trust and Democracy. Make the call, we’re all idiots and together we make one solid movement called survival and guts, but without each other and good directions things get worse quick. If you’re in big trouble, there’s a good chance you’ve been a jerk for a long time, so kiss your wife good morning, apologize and introduce yourself as the man she married, rather than the one she ended up with.

Get on track, call somebody who’s been there quite a few times.