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There are three kinds of faith: good faith, bad faith and God’s faith. Good faith and bad faith are of this earth. God’s faith is not of this earth.

Good faith is when you tell the truth and then follow through.

Bad faith is when you tell the truth but do not follow through.

Bad faith should not be confused with a lie. A lie is a lie.

Everyone who loves their life has good intentions but sometimes it is impossible to follow through. Some people can have a couple of bad faith maneuvers and still live a life with a solid history of good faith.

A company is built on a little of both – good faith and bad faith. Bad faith is more powerful than good faith when it is “corrected.” This is what we all refer to as the ‘Underdog Dynamic’. Everyone loves a guy who fails and then gets back up a winner. Everyone loves a guy who says “I couldn’t keep my word but I will and I have “corrected the problem,” …sorry for the inconvenience.”

Rettig’s quote on God’s Faith: “I have seen something out in the field that is very curious. People who believe in God do better quicker. They seem to be a lot more teachable and not so afraid. When I tell them to do difficult things they generally comply.

I have two kinds of people in my life: people who “do” what I say and people who “don’t” do what I say. However, there may possibly be a third category – people who do what I say and have “faith” in God. To make a long story short, I see in them a certain kind of “something” and that something promotes an immediate miracle from our efforts together. Circumstances and cash flow improve almost instantaneously.

I have long talks about this with my buddy Pastor Franklin. I must say the results of these God Faith Believers is something that makes Franklin laugh a hardy laugh and say to me, “Are they people with uncorrectable mistakes, incomprehensible failures and insurmountable problems?” And I say, “Yes, they are.” And he says, “And do they prevail in the end?” And I say, “Yes, they do.” Pastor Franklin finishes off his laugh with a sobering stare and says, “That’s just God showing off.”