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Cup People

…people that stop learning…

Hunter: Let’s talk about the importance of learning. You have a term for people that stop learning. Cup people.

Patrick: Oh, cup people. Dude, cup people.

H: How does one not become a cup person?

P: Let’s define the cup. You know like, inside of a cup. You go into the cup and you can’t get out, you can’t get out. It’s like if you leave coffee, you leave coffee in the cup, it’ll just like generate itself into a science project and everybody inside is like I’m at the top of the hierarchy. I’m the mold that’s in charge. I’m the guy. Then all at once, after a while, the wind just blows it away. It’s nothing. No new information. No new anything. No more mind. No more growth. Cut it out, man. This is not the old days. That’s the way my daddy did it. That’s the way my daddy’s daddy did it. And that’s the way I’m gonna do it. That’s not the way we roll here. You gotta get some new information in there so that you can stay groovy.

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