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Corporate life, small business…

Some of the most exciting times of my life are the memories of playing in a rock n’ roll band. I made no money, spent money, turned my amps way up, experienced intimacy with a lead microphone and sang songs that meant something to me and a bunch of drunks. At the end of the night, I loaded equipment, drove trucks and plowed into a pillow somewhere in a town called someplace. I did that every day, every week, every month for what seems like a thousand years. Then, one day, it was over. My dream, my life, my groove — changed. Suddenly, there was cash flow, companies, people, places and things. My children grew up, started their own bands and the ringing in my ears was a telephone demanding my attention to negotiate yet another deal. Fear not, hanging on to the dreams of a rocker never went away, rather they simmered underneath a sea of responsibility.

Playing clubs was gone, coffee houses were a drag and there were only a couple of God’s churches that understood the power of a badass bass drum and a wicked guitar. However, when the lights come up in an office, or on q stage, the lead singer has to deliver. If you’re a company owner you are the lead singer of the band, and the money is on you. Lives are at stake, futures of many people including yours are on the stage of life. Dreams are only recognized if you can pull them off. Sure you take the risk, put it out there for all to see but do you have the strength to carry it to the end of the night? To absolutely rocket the band to the next gig and beyond.

is a game exactly like being in rock-n-roll band.

Corporate life, small business, Patrick Rettig Turn it up, turn it on and grab a handful of life, yours. Sometimes you have to replace a guitar player or find another drummer, but when it’s your band, the music must come first and passion drives the train.

Of course, there’s trouble, but you never quit, never, ever, ever, ever. Heaven gave you a band, your band, a corporation that sings the songs of you. Never give it back, hold out, find a new CFO, a new controller, a new bass player, a new backup singer, whatever it takes to play loud enough for the rock God to hear you and groove to the melody of your heart and soul. Dig what you have. Trouble is always on the horizon. So what? Fight it. Find the right band and take the hill. By the end of the day, the goal is to give Hell it’s due and kick it’s ass.

Cash flow is King, but you, …you my friend are God’s tool and your company is your band. PS, I still play too loud and we’re going to keep it that way. If you find yourself in need of a-rockin’ turnaround band member I am always available to you. Call me at 760 662-9668, let’s make some good music together.