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The goal of restoring a business is to get it back on track so that it can be stable and make money. This path often requires short-term sacrifices to reap long-term rewards. As a business change expert who specializes in turning around companies, I’ve heard a lot of reasons why people don’t do their jobs well.

business turnaround services - terrible sayings For instance, the phrase I’m only human is frequently used to justify mediocrity. It’s become a convenient fallback, representing a willingness to accept less than the best, an inclination towards giving up too soon, and an allowance for costly errors. However, this excuse stands feeble against the true potential of human excellence.

Take, for example, my dog, whose zeal to please surpasses that of any human colleague I’ve known. Yet, for all his enthusiasm, he lacks the capacity to contribute to humanity’s grand innovations or grasp our intricate philosophies. This underscores a vital truth: we, as humans, are endowed with exceptional abilities to achieve lofty goals and shape our world’s destiny.

These excuses, while humorous, highlight the importance of accountability and realistic problem-solving in a business context.

1. “Our Coffee Machine Broke Down”
Blaming a minor equipment malfunction for major delays in productivity.

2. “Mercury is in Retrograde”
Using astrological events as a reason for business mishaps or poor decision-making.

3. “Our WiFi is Allergic to Mondays”
Suggesting that technical issues selectively occur on specific days of the week.

4. “The Office Dog Ate the Financial Reports”
An amusing twist on the classic schoolchild excuse, applied to important business documents.

5. “Our Computers Need a Nap”
Excusing slow or inefficient work with the anthropomorphism of office technology.

6. “It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere”
Justifying leaving work early or not meeting deadlines because it’s technically the end of the workday in another part of the world.

7. “We’re Still Waiting for the Stars to Align”
Delaying decision-making or action until an unspecified “perfect” moment.

8. “Our Team is Telepathically Challenged”
Blaming communication failures on a lack of psychic ability.

9. “The Plants in the Office Haven’t Given Their Approval Yet”
Suggesting that office flora have a say in business decisions.

10. “Our Office Ghost Disagrees”
Using a fictional spectral presence as a scapegoat for business problems or disagreements.

Redefining Excellence in Business Turnarounds

Our most ambitious dreams are within reach if we channel our intellect and ethical principles. History is a testament to this fact. While my dog Norton’s delightful antics won’t alter history, each person holds the power to make a profound impact. So, the next time you’re tempted to use “I’m only human” as an alibi, let it serve as a reminder of our remarkable capabilities, a rallying cry for excellence, not a concession to mediocrity. You are the heart of your business and you are worth saving.

Business transformation demands proactive leadership. Every team member must embrace change and strive for excellence. ‘I’m only human’ no longer justifies mediocrity. Instead, it highlights our unique strengths and capabilities. We actively challenge the status quo, fostering innovation and growth. Our collective efforts drive significant industry changes. Together, we redefine the standards of a business’s successful future.

About The Rettig Corp:

The Rettig Corp provides the knowledge, courage and team support needed to lead a firm through a turnaround. With over two decades of experience, we have been the compass for business owners across the United States, steering them toward financial stability. Our approach is hands-on, effective, and critical for turning your financial situation around. We instill confidence in creditors, family, and employees, helping the difficult years become a distant memory.

The Rettig Corp turnaround team’s proficiency in creating comprehensive business systems and controls set them apart from their counterparts. We function not solely as reorganizing specialists, but rather as collaborative partners in the progression of your business’s financial development.

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